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The Lord of the Rings videos have the most dedicated fans of any business (the ring of power has actually been shown even in Shrek 2 due to popularity.  In fact, its so popular that a Swedish ban called Sabaton based their metal song  they named “Shadows” on the nine ring wraiths of Sauron). Now fans are desperate to buy the new extended edition collection on Blu-ray too. After all, it is the definitive and most comprehensive version of the trilogy out there. But is it worth the $120 retail price tag? That depends on the buyer. Or you can get it here at for 46% off while stocks last. (I cant promise that by the time you read this that discount will be still be available but it will always be the best price on the internet).

There are 15 CD’s in this set, five per film (2 for the extended cuts and 3 for bonus features), plus 26 hours of extra bonus material. Be aware that the versions on this set aren’t just the same prints with the extra footage added in. They’ve been remastered in every way possible, so this really is the best the three films are going to get on Blu-ray.

If you don’t know what the trilogy is about by now, you’re probably not interested in picking up the complete set on Blu-ray, but to read recaps and our opinions on the theatrical adaptations of J.R.R. Tolkien’s groundbreaking series of novels, check out our original IGN reviews at the following links:

As mentioned before, the images on the current CD’s show a marked improvement over last year’s initial Blu-ray release. The remastering process, supervised by Peter Jackson in person, involved a brand new digital transfer from the original 2k source, and some tweaking of the colors/contrast. Even the first video, which is now 10 years old, has new life in it. There’s virtually no difference in quality between it and the other two, as there was with the first HD releases. There is some softness here and there, particularly in the scenes with the elves, but I suppose that is part of Jackson’s intention.

The unbelievable design work that went into the costumes, weapons and set dressing finally gets its deserved showcase for the home audience; the detail and definition on these discs is superb. As with the extended DVD editions, the films have been split over two discs, so no information has been lost in compression. The result is a colorful, sublime presentation not seen since these films were in the theaters, and who knows,  maybe not even then.

Another great thing about the theatrical-cut Blu-rays was the robust, engaging DTS-HD 6.1 audio soundtrack. Maybe it’s because the visuals are cleaner and richer, but the sound seems to be even more impactful in all three movies. Like the art department, those who work in sound effects are often unsung heroes, but this track gives them their due. From the merry life of the shire to the eerie whispering of the ring to the ugliness of Saruman’s snarling, growling army of orcs, the entire range of effects is treated with stalwart fidelity. The low end is really forceful and should give your subwoofer a real workout. The score is soaring and spacious, while dialogue is crisp and never lost, even in the midst of the chaos. You’ll want to crank this up and show it off as often as you can.

Did we see all 26 hours of the special features for this written review? If we had, you probably wouldn’t be reading this right now. But we can give you the huge list of what’s included, broken down by film. You’ll find that on the next page. Let’s just say, if there’s anything you ever wanted to know about the LOTR saga and the making of it, you’ll find it contained within these special features. The fact that the material has been repurposed makes it no less fascinating or necessary to a complete understanding of the films.

At the end of the day, if you’re a fan of Lord of the Rings – or of films in general – and care about video and audio quality, this is a must-own collection. It’s that important.

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For the full list of special features click here.